Abandoned cart recovery

This only works with people that have already subscribed to the popup from our app.

Abandoned Cart Recovery is a notification that can help you to remind customers that they have left items in the cart without checkout and they can come to finish the checkout process.

Using the Abandoned Cart Recovery notifications can help you prevent any sales that were lost due to the customer missing it. By dispatching up to three automated notifications as reminders for abandoned carts, you can boost your conversions effortlessly.

Here’s how you can enable & customize Abandoned Cart Recovery:

1. Select 'Push Automation' on your Dashboard and click on 'Abandoned Cart Recovery.'

  1. Click on the "Turn on" Button to activate the Abandonment Recovery

  1. Click on Customize Button to have a general view of the Automation

  1. Click on "Edit workflow" Button to edit the Notification further

You can Turn on/off any notification you want and set up the default time the notification is sent to the customer.

The default time would be 5 minutes for the first notification.

  1. Click on "Customize" button to edit the Title/Message further


Abandoned Cart Recovery doesn't work for free products

If all the products in the cart are free of cost, abandoned cart notification will not be queued for the shopper and they will not receive any abandoned cart notification.

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