Shipping journey

Sending confirmations when the subscriber’s order is fulfilled

Shipping Journey allows you to send a notification to your subscriber when their order has been shipped.

The Shipping Notification can only be sent to the customer who has subscribed before. If the customer hasn't opted-in as a subscriber then we won't be able to send the notification to them.

The shipping notification syncs with your Shopify orders dashboard and uses the same tracking link in the notification which is included in that order page. The shipping notification is sent after you mark the order fulfilled.

To enable shipping notifications and enhance customer experience:

  1. Select 'Push Automation' on the Uppush Dashboard.

  1. Turn on the Shipping Notification using the Toggle

  1. Click on the "Customize" button to edit it further

  1. You can have the report of the notification here. Then you could click "Edit Workflow" to edit the notification further

  1. Edit the notification as you like and our system will automatically save it for you

Your Shipping notifications are set up!

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