Price drop alert

In many cases, customers are highly interested in a product but the price could be too high for them to purchase it and they are hoping for a price drop before they can make a move. In this case, a Price Drop notification can help customers subscribe to get alerts when their wanted products are having a price drop.

Here's the workflow showing how you can send price drop alerts to your subscribers:

1. Set up the Price Drop automation on your dashboard.

2. A visitor opts in for price drop alerts via a theme widget button.

3. The subscribers are added to the price drop ‘Subscribers’ list. This Waitlist can be seen on the Uppush dashboard, on the Price Drop alert page.

4. When the price of the product drops, Uppush will automatically send out the price drop alert to the subscribers who want to be notified.

Enabling Price Drop Alert

1. Select 'Push Automation' on your Dashboard and click on 'Price Drop'

2. Click on “Turn on” button to enable it

3. Click on “Customize” button to edit the notification

  1. Click on Edit Workflow to customize it as you want

5. Edit it as your liking and our system will automatically save it for you

Note: Don't change the following parts of the message:

1. {{product_name}} - Placeholder for the name of the product that the visitor has subscribed to.

2. {{subscribed_price}} - Placeholder that shows the original price of the product when the visitor first subscribed to alerts about it. 3. {{current_price}} - Placeholder that shows the new price of the product after the price drops.

Customizing the Price Drop Widget

This widget allows visitors to subscribe to be alerted about the reduction in a product's price.

To customize this widget,

1. Click on the 'Price Drop Widgets' tab on the ‘Theme Widget’’ page

2. Edit the following field:

  • Color: You could change the color of the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button as well as the background color.

  • Title before and after subscribing: You can change the content and title of the theme widget.


On the Price Drop page, you can see the report of the notification that has been sent to the customer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If someone opts in for a price drop alert, will they be able to receive other notifications as well?

Yes. When someone opts in for a price drop alert, they automatically become a store subscriber. This means that they will receive other notifications (including campaigns, abandoned cart reminders, and other automated notifications) sent from your store.

2. Will a subscriber who has opted in to receive alerts about a product's price drop receive a notification every time the product’s price reduces?

No. Whenever someone subscribes to price drop alerts to any product, they will receive the alert only the first time the product’s price drops after they've subscribed. If they want to receive notifications about the product's price reduction again, they need to re-subscribe to the price drop alert.

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