Back-in-stock alert

Back in Stock notifications allow your customers to subscribe to their favorite product that unfortunately has gone out of stock. And as soon as it has restocked, our system will automatically send your subscribers a notification about it.

Clicking on the Theme Widget (bell icon) on the product page will open the widget and will show a text link to allow your store visitors a button to subscribe to the back-in-stock alert for this particular product or variant.

If your customer has already subscribed to your store then when they click on the “Subscribe” button, they will automatically subscribe to this product. However, if they haven’t subscribed to your store yet then clicking the text link ("Subscribe") will show the native browser prompt where they have to click 'Allow'. Afterward, they are automatically subscribed to the Back in Stock alert.

Back in Stock push notifications are automatically sent as soon as you add new inventory to the respective product in your Shopify Products admin.

Once the product is back in stock, the subscriber will receive an automated notification:

Here's the workflow showing how you can send back-in-stock alerts to your subscribers:

1. Set up the Back in Stock automation on your dashboard.

2. A visitor opts in for back-in-stock alerts via theme extension widget, which is available in the Theme Extension tab.

3. The subscribers are added to the back-in-stock ‘Subscriber” list’. This Waitlist can be viewed on the ‘Back In Stock’ page.

4. When the inventory for the sold-out product is increased to more than 0, Uppush will automatically send out the back-in-stock alert to the subscribers who want to be notified.

How to set up the Back In Stock Notification

  1. Select the Push Automation tab and Select Back In Stock

  1. Click on the Enable button here to enable it

  1. Click on the Customize button to configure it as you desired

  1. Edit it however you want and Uppush will automatically save it for you

Note: If the checkout element is enabled on sold-out products, the Back in Stock automation will not function.

Customizing Back in Stock Theme Widget

The Theme Widget allows customers to subscribe to get notifications about a out of stock product.

To customize this widget,

  1. Click on Customize the Back in Stock Widget in the Theme Widget

  1. Edit the following field:

  • Color: You could change the color of the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button as well as the background color.

  • Title before and after subscribing: You can change the content and title of the theme widget.


On the Back in Stock page, you can see the report of the notification that has been sent to the customer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If someone opts in for back in stock alert, will they be able to receive other notifications as well?

Yes. When someone opts in for back-in-stock notifications, they automatically become a store subscriber. This means that they will receive other notifications (including campaigns, abandoned cart reminders, and other automated notifications) sent from your store.

2. Will a subscriber who has opted in to receive alerts about a product's availability receive a notification every time the product is back in stock?

No. Whenever someone subscribes to back in stock alerts to any product, they will receive the alert only the first time you restock the product after they've subscribed. Your subscribers will not get notifications about the same product. This is done to avoid too many push notifications if a product has a high stock fluctuation.

3. Can I send more than one Back In Stock notification per subscriber for a specific product?

No. Your subscribers will only get one alert per product back in stock.

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