How to gather subscribers

Enable theme app extension

In order for our app (and many other Shopify apps) to work, it is essential that you enable our app theme app extension, and it is also the very first thing recommended to do after you install the app.

How to active theme extension manually

The easiest way to access this setting page is to click on the Enable app embed button like the above screenshot, but there are other ways like below

Go to Online Store => Themes and click on the 'Customize' button

Select 'Apps Embed' tab, toggle our app then hit Save

That can also be accessed via the Settings tab on our app:

After hitting Save, the extension is now enabled in your store.

Refresh the app to see the changes applied

Customize your popup widget

Default browser prompt

Since it is the browser's default pop-up, we won't be able to change anything except for the timing. You can set up the Timing as you want and then click 'Save' to Enable it.

This is the best option when you want something native for your store.

Custom popup

There are 2 types of custom popups:

  • Popup without asking for information

This is where we replace the browser's default prompt with our own widget, which you can also personalize it further by updating the content.

  • Popup asking for information

This popup asks customers to also leave their Name, Email Address, Phone Number when subscribing.

These info will also be synced to Shopify upon subscribing.

It is recommended that you select this one, to take advantage of both email and web push features on our app.

Note: In case you wish to implement your own design, please contact us so we can do it for you

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