Web Push Notification 101

You are already familiar with Email marketing, but what about Web Push? Let's discover an alternative yet equally effective marketing method.

What is Web Push notifications

You've likely encountered push notifications previously. Daily, your mobile device or your computer is overflowing with messages from the applications/websites you employ. Web push notifications share similarities but offer a couple of essential benefits - there's no requirement for a mobile app for your online store, and notifications can be sent directly to both desktop and mobile devices!

Push Notifications are a compelling and straightforward form of communication for online stores. These notifications provide much more direct communication between customers and stores and have proven to be better than email marketing at re-engaging previous store visitors and converting them into customers.

But how does it re-engage with your visitors? Let’s see how it solves a specific retail problem- abandoned carts.

The average e-commerce store loses 75% of their sales to digital cart abandonment. In other words, if your online store makes $1000 of sales every week, you are losing out on over $3000 USD in abandoned carts. That amounts to a whooping $162,000 worth of lost sales in a year!

With Push Notifications, you can remind your store subscribers about their carts and motivate them to checkout. And abandoned cart reminders is just one of the many ways in which you can use push notifications for marketing your online store.

Web Push Notification effectiveness with Marketing

Web push notifications have proven to be remarkably effective for marketing strategies. Their ability to reach users directly on their devices, even when they're not actively browsing a website, makes them a powerful tool for engagement and retention. With high open rates compared to email and the ability to deliver timely and relevant messages, web push notifications offer a direct channel to communicate promotions, updates, and personalized content to users. Additionally, their simplicity and non-intrusive nature contribute to their effectiveness, enabling brands to capture attention and drive conversions efficiently. Overall, leveraging web push notifications can significantly enhance a marketing campaign's reach and effectiveness in engaging with target audiences.

Differences of Web Push Notifications between system

Web Push Notifications work similarly on both desktop and mobile devices. Whenever customers visit your website, they only need to subscribe to your popup, then will be able to receive any future notifications.

However, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad to be specific) have a different approach. More details could be found here.

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