What is Impression?

An impression is registered each time a notification appears on your subscribers' devices, representing a single instance of engagement. It's important to understand that achieving a 100% impression rate is not always feasible due to various factors:

  1. Uninstalled Browsers: If a subscriber uninstalls the browser through which they receive notifications, impressions cannot occur.

  2. Closed Browser (MacOS): When a subscriber closes their browser, notifications cannot be displayed, impacting impression rates.

  3. Expired Notifications (Flash Sale Campaign): Notifications tied to time-sensitive events, such as flash sale campaigns, may expire before subscribers have the chance to see them, affecting impression counts.

  4. Disabled Background App Activity on Mobiles: Some mobile users may disable background app activity, preventing notifications from being received and resulting in fewer impressions.

  5. Erased Site Data: If a subscriber clears their browser's site data, they are no longer a subscriber.

Understanding these factors can help manage expectations regarding impression rates and optimize notification strategies for better engagement.

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