Opt-in options

This offers you the option to select different type of popup to match your need:

  • Popup asking for customer information

  • Popup with default browser prompt

  • Popup without asking for customer information

Trigger button

The Trigger button acts as a reminder for customers to re-open the subscription popup (if they haven't subscribed), or to open the Notification board (if they have subscribed)

This section helps you customize the content and position of the button.

iOS Widget

Since Push Notification works differently on iOS (details here), this widget acts as the instructions for customers to follow and share the app to their Home screen.

Grant Permission Guide

After customers subscribe to the popup, they might not allow notification permission from browser, this guide displays a short animation to guide them to do so

Notification board

When customers have subscribed, and click on the Trigger button, they will see a small panel with past notifications sent to them.

You can choose which types of notifications to be displayed, or even hide this panel

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