Product release

Sending a notification to customer when you release a new product.

Product Released Notification allows you to send a notification to all subscriber about a new product that is about to be released. Only customer who has agreed to subscribe to your store will receive the notification.

Here is how You can set up the Product Release Notification:

  1. Go to "Push Automation" in the Uppush Dashboard and choose "Product Release"

  1. Turn on the "Product Release" Notification by click on the toggle button

  1. Click on "Customize" button to have more information and edit the notification

  1. You can see the General Report of the notification here. Click on Edit Workflow to edit the notification further

  1. Edit as you need and we will automatically save it for you

Now you have finished setting up the Product Release notification


  • Please put in the Tag in you have set up in the notification to the product tag when you create a new product. Only then our system can detect it and send the notification to the customer. You can remove it later if you want.

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