Abandoned product browsing

Browse abandonment is a feature that automatically sends web push/email notification to subscribers who viewed a product without taking any action.

The Browse Abandonment automation will dispatch three reminders, each displaying a different product the customer has previously viewed. The items displayed in the notifications are determined by the customer's most expensive product views.


  • Only products in stock will be sent via browse abandonment messages.

  • Browse abandonment won't work if the customer has added an item to their cart. (For this, see Abandoned Cart Reminders)

  • A browse abandonment sequence is canceled if a product is purchased

  • Browse abandonment won't work if all the viewed products are free

  • In total, a subscriber will only receive in total three browse abandonment notifications per 7 days

  • If there are multiple products of the same price (highest and most expensive), any one of them will be featured in the notification at random

  • The browse abandonment notification gets updated when a new product is viewed.

  • The three reminders in a browse abandonment sequence may show different products depending on the browsing history of the customer.

Here's how you can set it up:

1. On the Uppush dashboard, click on 'Push Automation.'

2. On the Automation page, Activate the switch/button on 'Browse Abandonment.'

  1. Click on 'Customize' button to edit the automated notification.

  2. Here, you can have a brief view at the Browse Abandonment Notification. You can click the "Edit Workflow" button to customize it.

  1. Here, you can change when the notification should be sent. The default wait time is 20 minutes.

  1. Click on "Customize" Button to Edit the Title, Message and Actions as you need

You won't need to click any Save button since Uppush will Automatically Save any changes you have made.

As you can see, the product image is generated automatically based on the product that the shopper was viewing.

You can follow the same steps for editing the other 2 browse abandonment notification texts.

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