A List to get started with Uppush

Once you've installed Uppush, there are a few steps that we recommend doing, which are also listed on the Dashboard

1. Enable app embed

This is essential, and has been covered here.

When sending web push notifications, your brand logo is prominently displayed for your subscribers to see. To ensure a cohesive brand experience, it's essential to upload your logo to your Uppush dashboard before initiating any campaign.

Another place to find this is under Settings -> Logo

3. Edit your popup

Before you start sending campaigns, you need to get subscribers. With Uppush, store visitors are shown a browser prompt once they land on your store that gets them to subscribe.

You can customize your browser popup in a few ways:

  • Customize the popup content

  • Add/remove popup field (for custom popups)

  • Configure the popup rules to your liking

  • And others

To start, click on Popups tab, and click on the Customize button, then freely try it out

3. Set up and customize your welcome notification

You have the option to establish an automated welcome message that is displayed to store visitors upon their subscription. This enables you to greet them, extend a discount, or foster a positive relationship with your new subscribers.

Enable your welcome notification and customize the copy to make it sound like your brand and leave a great first impression.

4. Enable automation flows

We offer 8 different types of automation flow, which are:

  • Welcome notifications: Sent after customers subscribe to receive push notifications on your website

  • Abandon cart recovery: Reminds customers when they add something to cart without completing the order

  • Abandon checkout recovery: Notifies customers after they have reached checkout page without finishing the order

  • Back in stock: Notify customers when a product they subscribe to is available to purchase again

  • Browse abandonment: Reminds customers when they view a product without adding it to cart

  • Price drop: Notify customers when a product they subscribe to is having a discount

  • Product released: Notify customers when a product is released for sale

  • Shipping notifications: Notify customers when their order fulfillment status is updated

More details are covered here.

5. Test how they work

Once you have published your popup, and customized the notifications to your liking, you can test it out by subscribing to your store, to make sure things are working properly as you wish.

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